DSC_3207[1] By Tony Taylor
CH Carolina Herrera San Francisco boutique
Interior design inspiration manifested inside of the new CH Carolina Herrera store in San Francisco’s Union Square. From bustling Grant Avenue, I was transitioned into a quiet 4,500 square foot New York-style penthouse with velvet CH embossed seating, fresh red roses, and an instantly enveloping wood fire scented candle.

Immediately, I felt overcome with the best type of sensory overload compelled to smell and touch. Inside of Carolina Herreras hands-on boutique, I looked at everything— from Herrera’s CH Tempo Collection studded Minueto Bag to the short stacks of books (detailing Barcelona, art deco jewelry, Peter Lindbergh, and American fashion) all atop an exquisite Spanish mahogany table.

Between the main room and the next, I paused at a tall glass cabinet displaying alluring jewelry pieces: pearl necklaces, colorful bangles, amethyst bracelets, and gold earrings. Beyond the display case was an intimate equestrian-themed room with a riding saddle for a collection of folded men’s shirts, khaki coats, and leather bags.

DSC_3279[1] By Tony Taylor
CH Carolina Herrera San Francisco boutique
As I climbed the staircase, photos of Herrera with her daughters, Carolina Adriana, Patricia Cristina, Mercedes, and Ana Luisa comforted me. The menswear mezzanine invited me in with a subtle fragrance of fig, stocking every compelling necessity I would need for summer. I fondled the multitude of printed neckties fanned out on a round table near the sport coats and trousers. Polo shirts, linen shorts, and camouflage loafers were racked near a table displaying men’s wallets, keychains, and cigar cutters.

DSC_3225[1] By Tony Taylor
CH Carolina Herrera San Francisco boutique
The carpeted top floor boudoir-like room continued forever with black-mirrored walls, CH embossed curtains, and at the farthest end of the suite was a floor-to-ceiling window that looked over Downtown. A plush couch spanned the entire width of the window, while a low polished coffee table supported a soothing jasmine candle. The fragrance was elegant, as if I had walked in just after the madam sprayed her perfume for the evening. Throughout the room hung floral evening gowns, polka dot summer dresses, magenta blazers, and canary yellow coats– a breathtaking display of femininity that would bring any fashionista to her knees.

Being surrounded by family photos, plush seating, signature scented candles, and international fashion evoked a feeling of comfort. I took a moment to look into the eyes of Herrera’s larger than life self-portrait that confidently implied “Welcome to the House of Herrera.”

DSC_3393 By Tony Taylor
Designer Carolina Herrera
DSC_3352 by Tony Taylor
Carolina Herrera and Denise Hale
DSC_3342 By Tony Taylor
Cynthia Riddell, Joann Pailey, and Olivia Palermo

DSC_3378 by Tony Taylor

DSC_3337 by Tony Taylor

DSC_3367 by Tony Taylor

DSC_3348 by Tony Taylor

DSC_3376 by Tony Taylor

DSC_3331 by Tony Taylor

DSC_3396 cynthia riddell by tony taylor

DSC_3322 by Tony Taylor

DSC_3335 by Tony Taylor Photos by Tony Taylor at May 15 CH Carolina Herrera opening hosted by Carolina Herrera, Elle’s Joe Zee, along with California Pacific Medical Center trustees Sloan Barnett, Carol Bonnie, and Carolyn Chang, M.D.

By Tony Taylor
Edited by Cynthia Riddell



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